New Zealand – Greatest Adventure of Your Life

If you dream about a trip full of adventure and enjoyment, New Zealand is the right choice for you. New Zealand is a land of beautiful nature. Unique mixture of Maori and English culture, habits and customs attracts many tourists every year. Every year over 2.5 million tourists visit New Zealand. That is reason enough to come to New Zealand and experience its magical beauty.

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a most important group of islands in Oceania. It consists of two large islands: North and South, which are located 1,700 km from Australia. In 1642, the island was discovered by Abel Janszoon Tasman, a Dutch seafarer, explorer and merchant, but soon after landing he was attacked by natives. In 1769, James Cook reached New Zealand. He dared to come to this island and to give potatoes, corn, hogs, sheep and goats to the natives, which was a good idea, because cannibalism among natives was common.

South Island

The northernmost city of the South Island is Picton. This city is always full of tourists and travelers. This mountainous part of the island provides the possibility of hiking, and there is also a lovely beach, which gives opportunities for rest and recreation.

There is Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island, and it is the smallest national park on both islands.

Milford Sound is a place with beautiful nature, a place of wide fields, beautiful flowers, blue sky and water, fjords, and so on.

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island. It is a typical English town. Here you can see Christchurch Cathedral and statue of James Cook.

For people who are fans of motorcycling, there is a possibility to explore beauties of New Zealand on motorcycles. Motorcycle tours and rental from Christchurch in NZ are best way to see natural beauty of New Zealand’s South Island.

North Island

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand with 1.3 million population. It is also called the “City of Sails”. This city attracts visitors with an interesting mix of Victorian and modern architecture. There is also Hauraki Gulf, the most beautiful, emerald-green coastline of the island. In the center of Auckland, there is the Maritime Museum and the famous Sky Tower, which is also an observation and telecommunication tower. Some of the attractions that should not be missed are St Patrick’s Cathedral, Auckland Art Gallery, as well as the municipal building.

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city. It is southernmost city of  the North Island in New Zealand. It is the city of art and culture, interesting architecture and avant-garde artists. There is the most modern museum Te Papa Tongarewa, opened in 1998.

Explore New Zealand’s Rivers

If you love nature, exploring rivers in New Zealand will be a wonderful experience for you. If you are an adventurer, Canoe and Kayak trips on the Wanganui River in NZ will be the best way to see all the beauty of the Wanganui River.

Meet New Zealand

If you decide to visit New Zealand, you will not regret it. You will be delighted with its culture and unique, almost unreal natural beauty.