Auckland Backpackers where to stay

How do you choose a great backpackers hostel to stay in?

Great question! What we tend to do is look at reviews on Google or Tripadvisor. This, however, is always the second option, do you know why? Because the first option is to listen to other guests. I couldn’t tell you how many times we have sat around the dining table in a hostel and discussed with other backpackers where to go next. All based on their experiences which are far more reliable than reviews.

What do the reviews say for Auckland NZ

If you look at Google you see a few properties with out of 5 reviews in the early to mid 4’s. That is high, not just because they got a lot of 5’s, but because people generally only review with bad news and fewer people take the trouble to post great reviews. Not all but this is the norm. What this means is to have a high score like Attic (voted the best Auckland Backpackers three years in a row) has a 4.3, you can not have had many negative reviews and the people that do go to the effort and post a 5 have clearly outweighed the odd 2 or 3 or even 1 ouch!

Attic Backpackers

It’s more than that though

Think about it for a sec, what really makes an enjoyable stay? I put to you that it is the people staying there (and the staff) So having a backpackers that has high reviews will get positive and friendly outgoing people stay there.

My partner and I still have friends we met while staying at backpackers like Attic. You would be doing yourself a favour by staying there:

Address: 31 Wellesley St W, Auckland, 1010 Phone: 09-973 5887